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What is the current situation in the tourism industry?


15% (and above) commissions

Further costs for top positioning

Non-direct reservations

Hidden contact info

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What's BookingBnb?

The ultimate place

Let's do it! How beautiful and easy would be to see all the accommodation of the world, all together? On a map, with their telephone number too... amazing! Would you like to get involved in our mission?

The end of all commissions

It's a place where nobody pays for the extra fees that all the portals usually charge. The lowest prices are applied here because owners don't pay any commissions: that's the best deal ever!

The direct contact

This is the place where the contact between owners and travellers is always direct. Accommodation's telephone numbers, email, address, availability and prices are always shown.

Do you want it in one word? DISINTERMEDIATION.

Who does BookingBnb help?


​ Travellers have to search on the travel portals to find their accommodation, paying lots of money in commissions and extra fees. BookingBnb puts travellers in direct contact with the accommodation owners, helping travellers get the lowest price possible because it doesn't ask for commissions neither to travellers nor to owners.

Accommodation owners

​ The accommodation owners have to be listed on the travel portals to get more customers, paying lots of money in commissions and fees. BookingBnb gives to accommodation owners more flexible management tools and helps them get more customers and more earnings because it doesn't ask for commissions neither to travellers nor to owners.

Activity providers / bloggers

The activity providers struggle to find customers by themselves, so they often have to rely on (paying fees to) the accommodation owners or the travel portals to grow their own business. BookingBnb helps the activity providers and bloggers to get more customers and followers thanks to its official community blog and because travellers save lots of money in their reservations.

For owners:

Power to you, it's up to you.

Beyond the lodgings, availability, rates, offers, coupons, cancellation policies, you have a wide choice of tools that allow you to set additional services, access advanced statistics and even set your payment conditions. All the requests go from the travellers directly to you.

Freedom of use, more spare time.

You can access the accommodation manager wherever you are, whatever is the device you are using. Moreover, you can save more time letting the channel manager update the availability of rooms, apartments, villas and other individual accommodation units automatically.

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"We all have a dream. And if we care, if we act, it becomes true."

We aim to establish the real and definitive travel disintermediation. And you?


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What's BookingBnb? is the travel disintermediation portal. It has a special mission: to put travellers in direct contact with all the worldwide accommodation and activity providers.

The BookingBnb Mission

The Global Disintermediation is finally possible!
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