Why is BookingBnb the travel portal all
booking engines / channel managers have been waiting for?

You can't sit back and look at the OTAs!

You own a booking engine or channel manager and most of your customers' reservations come through the OTAs they are registered for, right? Imagine if, instead, a new travel portal provided reservations directly to your system. In this way you will see the percentage of bookings received through your system grow and, inexorably, the one of the OTAs decrease... it's a dream come true!

To legitimize and increase your own price

Well, you've increased direct bookings to the detriment of those received from the OTAs, and now? Now it gets better! At this point, not only the price of your system is more legitimate for your customers, but you can even increase it. How? Very simple: showing them how many thousands dollars they have saved in commissions! So, it's better for them paying you a little more.

To be among the pioneers of change

Helping the world to grow the healthy habit of booking directly is truly a matchless satisfaction. It is not just about the economic advantages, which are already many, for service providers such as booking engines. But the key point is to be part of the network that finally puts this change into effect. Acquiring contacts and prestige, over time, increases the value of a company.

All bookings MUST be direct.

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